Camping, tiny style, may involve rodents


I’ll just put this for you here @Jules


Puts a BIG smile on my face! (And all the cute little accessories make me want to get another hedgie just so I can dress him up and take him camping.) :smile::hedgie::hedgie::hedgie::squeeee::squeeee::squeeee::squeeee:


Too funny!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Took my ferrets camping once. They had a blast!


Oh, I had ferrets too once…wonderful pets. A little bit on the stinky and destructive side, but extremely affectionate. :grinning:


They actually smell like corn chips and if you Dare to, their tails smell like grape Kool-Aid powder!!
Fun crazy critters though!


Okay, I must admit, I never tried that last bit! ROFL!

I loved to watch them bounce sideways - they never actually walked anywhere.


I had a ferret when I was a kid. He was awesome! He even knew his way home.

Anyways, when the girls begged me for ferrets (without my influence), I couldn’t resist.

This was my attempt to keep them in their own room…


I only have a female now and she’s definitely crazy! Loves to steal paper and stash, I know… Weird, and also the dogs toys. But she’s definitely bouncy!


Yeah, like that worked!


Interesting fun fact about ferrets:

They have an extremely long coital duration. I had a breeding pair, (not intentionally), and the timing on their sessions when she went into heat literally ran six to eight hours at a time. This became extremely inconvenient when they decided to hook up under the bed or in the middle of the living room floor and I had a date coming by. :laughing:


I can’t discribe how hard I worked on that built in gate only for it to fail so miserably! Hahaha, we got the biggest kick out of if so it was all worth it!


Um… A little uncomfortable I’d say!


Definitely! :smile:


My female could get her cage opened. She even escaped twice one morning and came upstairs to tge bedroom and crawled into bed with me.


All my ferrets have been fixed. What happened? Loud noises or what?


No they were very quiet about it. But they weren’t going to move either until they were quite done with what they were doing. (I wasn’t about to interrupt.) :smile:


For that matter, I think they’ve all been males. Sadly, our cutest own just died from canine distemper. The girls were heartbroken and it made me question my decision to get them.


I had one chew through the dryer hose and escape into the neighborhood for a little adventure. Scared me to death because I was afraid someone would kill him thinking he was a big rat.

Sorry to hear that. I wound up having to give mine away when I got transferred. I still miss those little monsters.


Pets teach about death, that is in everyone’s future. Unavoidable, and also a valuable lesson.