Can anyone help me modify a Glowforge file?

I wanted to make the can dispenser, but I wanted to size it for a soda can and the glowforge files are either too big or too small. How would I go about making one that is 4.9 inches wide for the interior dimensions? I am so afraid of messing up the kerfs. It’s 3 whole boards, and I wouldn’t even be able to find out if there is a mistake until all 3 boards have been used up.

You can’t modify catalog designs for kerf, except to scale the whole thing up or down.


You might prototype with cardboard to check the dimensions.


Good suggestion! I have started to use cardboard a couple of months ago, and it really saves material on experamentation, and helps dial in settings and locate errors you never saw coming!


Oh yeah, the ones that emerge during the process. :roll_eyes:
As frustrating as they can be, for my mental health, I try to embrace them, they have a lesson for me. Failure is our teacher. :wink:

There’s a life rule that requires 3 attempts for any new project. The first 2 might as well be cardboard because even if you think this project will be good with going straight to the target material, that’s when the universe enforces the rule and sometimes makes you pay with another wasted iteration.

In the programming world it’s the same as “but I only changed one line of code, just drop it into production, nothing to worry about” :grin:

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