Can anyone identify this wood product?

A dark wood that engraves light. I am guessing it is some type of veneer? darkwoodengraved


or possibly a light wood that has been stained and then engraved afterward.


I agree with @shop on this one.


Ok, thanks, I will have to test this out then. I would think the engrave settings will have to be played around with so it doesn’t engrave too deeply (ie: dark).

that really depends on the wood. some wood etches much darker than others. some of my walnut engraves really dark, even on a dark wood. other wood doesn’t char as much.

This looks like some sort of light wood like maple or birch stained and the CNC router engraved. This does not seem like laser engrave.


My walnut engraves really clean. Like very little char or residue compared to other woods, even other hardwoods. Same with wenge.

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I guess that goes to show, not even all walnut is consistent.

This is South American walnut. It engraved dark enough that the text contrast is very crisp. And my masking was covered in sticky residue.


Wow that’s nice. I get that kind of result on mahogany like so:

it may really matter that it was “south american” walnut.

Yeah like meranti is “Philippine mahogany”. Not even close — what I’ve user is African mahogany.

That does look like stained finish … but there are dark “wood” sheets that engrave lighter…