Octopus engrave

My neighbor (Heather Lancaster, more on her below) is a talented artist, so I suggested I might try engraving one of her pieces.

She took a photo of one of her pencil sketches, and I went to work. A little contrast adjustment, and we were good to go.

She is a big fan of walnut:

I wanted to see how it would look on a lighter wood, so I did a half-scale version on maple, too:

For more of her art, check her out here: http://heatherlancasterart.com/ and more recent pieces here: Heather Lancaster (@heatherlancasterart) • Instagram photos and videos


Most excellent! :grinning:

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I’m liking the maple the best.


I like the contrast of maple best.

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I agree, the maple captures the original intent of the pencil sketch, but I do also like the dark-on-dark of the walnut. It’s really cool in person.

Lighting matters a lot:

Every now and then I just shake my head at how cool the engraves are.