Can aura cut through acrylic pearlescent 1/8?

Hello, I’m wondering if the glowforge aura can cut through acrylic pearlescent 1/8 like this one on Amazon

I know it can’t cut through glitter and translucent acrylic, I wonder if it’s the same with pearlescent?

Aura doesn’t cut solid white/pastel acrylics either - so I’d guess that you might be able to get through the purple but not the yellow.


Thank you! The purple one has some glitter in it, would it still cut through?

It kind of sucks that it can’t cut light colors, I should’ve done my research before purchasing Aura, I just bought it on a whim :upside_down_face:

It can cut light colored non-acrylics :slight_smile: Paper, cardstock, HTV, wood, etc. But yeah, acrylic is not that useable in diode lasers.

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