Can dried pasta be laser cut?


While making 9 butternut squash lasagnes with my wife the other day I found cutting the pasta sheets to fit into rounded corners a real pain. They tend to shatter when cut with scissors. I wondered if I could cut them with my Glowforge next year. Does anybody know if dried pasta can be laser cut?

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My guess would be yes. But I would be more concerned about the taste afterwards. :slight_smile:


I don’t have an answer but I do know EXACTLY what you are talking about! Very interesting use case…


That sounds like an awesome idea! I’m picturing lasagna with fun shapes in it!
But I would be cautions about using a laser to cut food if you cut non-food products in it. Maybe get a separate cutting tray only for food?


I’m definitely going to try it before I put in any nasty materials in the Glowforge. A few folks mentioned it. I want to make a soup with Escher fishes and bird noodles.


Put it in a shallow pan of water. That way you can cook it and cut it at the same time. :laughing: - Rich


remember if making your own pasta - the Glowforge can make some incredible “cookie” cutters to make the shapes ( and much faster to do repeated shapes ! :heart_decoration:


I have a house full of 2D printers so cookie cutters are no problem but I have never made pasta. Since most of the lasagnes went straight into the freezer after cooking I think fresh pasta would be a waste.


Nothing beats freshly made fetuccini with a cream sauce. So simple but amazing in flavors. Best butter, heavy cream, authentic parmegiano reggiano. Variations: throw in some smoked salmon or put in some gorgonzola or blue cheese.


You have me drooling…can I come to your house for dinner sometime? Please? - Rich


Trying to get photos posted but my phone on cell data doesn’t seem be be able to finish the job. Will try later.


The official answer of Dan usually is that:

we should not use the glowforge for food

… but as most people, we generally omit the “not” :sweat_smile:


The word from Dan has always been that using a Glowforge for food is fine as long as that Glowforge is only used for food. I.E. Don’t cut acrylic and pasta in the same machine.
Though I may choose to forget about that from time to time.


I bet it would cut just fine. After all, it can cut bone.

I also think that if you don’t use the same honeycomb for food and you wipe things down then it should be fine.

I wouldn’t set it on the same thing I set bone on BTW.


Yes, there is really no reason this can’t be done, different plate and clean chamber. maybe some GF staff can chime in. - Rich


That would be nice, but I think they will play it safe on this one.




If I worked for GF, thats how I’d play it. But, i am a safety engineer by profession. It’s called CYA. - Rich


Im gonna go on out on a limb here.
I would guess laser cutting it would add a bit of a charcoal flavor to your meal. But if your into that carbon after taste, go for it :wink:


This something that I had planned on trying as well. Like everything else, it will take some playing with the settings. If a laser can cut paper without scorching, it might be able to handle a little pasta.