Can glowforge aura laser engrave foil or use transfer foil?

Hi all!

I’m wanted to know if aura can do embossed metallic foil on wood, paper etc. or use laser engraver foil like these ones?

I already did a “quick forum search” and I couldn’t find anything useful and those topics were closed almost a year ago. I’m wondering if there could be new updates?

okay I went to tiktok and found this video:

Is there an easier way than this? Can you just put a foil over a material and laser print it?

I’ve used those foils before, but only with my basic. I have an Aura, but have never tried it with that. I suggest you do some testing and experimenting. The Aura is still so new on the market, that there are probably lots of things that no one has tried yet. If you’re successful, post it here in the forum so others can try it too. Best of luck.


The thing is I also just got the Aura and I don’t want to break it since I’m known to be a klutz.

I’m hoping if someone out there with an aura has tried foil engraving with it?

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You won’t break it…you just need to make sure that whatever material you use in it is safe for lasering. Go ahead and test some stuff…it will either work or it won’t. That’s how many of us have learned what we know today. You might just be a trailblazer with foil and the Aura. :slightly_smiling_face:


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