Can glowforge aura use transfer foil or laser engrave foil?

Hi all!

I’m wanted to know if aura can do embossed metallic foil on wood, paper etc. or use laser engraver foil like these ones?

I already did a “quick forum search” and I couldn’t find anything useful and those topics were closed almost a year ago. I’m wondering if there could be new updates?

Found this on TikTok:
(Is there an easier way than this? Can you just put a foil over a material and laser print it?)


I’m not sure anyone has tried foil with the diode laser yet, but it definitely works on the CO2 ones.

The foil I’m familiar with already has adhesive on it, so no need to sandwich like they did in the video you posted.

The thing to be extra careful of is that the foil you get is laser safe. Much of it is designed for things like cricuts and has vinyl in it. When you burn vinyl you get chlorine gas that eats the laser parts.


I have successfully cut LaserFoil with the Spark.


Do you by any chance have a picture of it? Where did you get the foil? Settings on aura? :grin:

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This is LaserFoil from Johnson Plastics Plus purchased years ago. A quick and dirty example for you. This was cut rather than engraved. I used the 80# cardstock cut setting.


Thank you! I will try this with other foils and play around with it, I hope I won’t break the machine :upside_down_face:

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You will only break the machine if you cut non laser safe materials in your Aura. Never cut anything that you are not certain is free of vinyl (pvc).


As someone who used to foil print illustrations and sell supplies for it as a side hustle, its much faster and cheaper to user a laser printer and laminate laser foil over it. It just takes trial and error in the beginning

However if you want a raised effect, that video method will give that dimension to that look.


Hi Cindy! do you mind sharing the settings and the items you use? Any help would be appreciated :grin:

You need a monochrome toner printer. You would print your art on a paper medium cut foil that will cover the art. Sandwich both between two sheets of paper or a thin folder. Then run it through a laminator. The temperature is trial and error, start with 150 Celsius and increment the heat if the foil doesn’t stuck well until you achieve your desired result.

The thicker the paper / Sandwich higher the heat needed

Toner is really dried plastic. Laminating melts that plastic so the foil can stick to it. If not hot enough it doesn’t stick well.

I have a supply store where I sell the foil if you want to try what I use but you can get foil on many craft stores online that’s works the same way


i would love to learn more about this method.

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