Can I create and print in the full print space?

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I assumed I would be able to create a full print bed full of designs but i’m struggling as it tells me my design is too big when uploading.

I am making a keyring for a fundraiser, I assumed I could make multiple replicas on the full print space.

I created the image and uploaded to Adobe illustrator - then replicated the design and placed out neatly to get optimum designs on the same area.

Ive tried saving as a SVG / Compressed SVG and also as a PDF on illustrator but when i try to upload to the GF it tells me it is too big (30Mb limit)

Any tips on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.



Many, many files take up the entire print area and process easily and completely. 30mb seems rather large for duplicated keychains. When you say you created and then uploaded to AI, what program did you create it in? If you care to share the file, someone could weigh in and offer assistance.

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Thats what i thought - I thought maybe I needed to compress or something - it does have alot of engraving but i’ve seen plenty of complex files already.

So i created it on the GF workspace -exported file - uploaded to Ai - then coped and pased across the full work canvas.

Ill see if i can upload the design :slight_smile:
Thank you :slight_smile:

You can engrave the full print space, but keep in mind it is aprox, 19x11".

File size (bytes) comes down to resolution and format.


If you created in the GF workspace, just copy and past there. No need to export to AI. If there are lots of engraves, you won’t be able to use the entire print area as engraving requires room for the printhead to accelerate and decelerate in both directions for every line.

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Shetland keyring (2)

I thought I could easy just duplicate this to fill the full print space. optimum designs on one sheet.

Any guidance would be greatfully received



I opened this in Inkscape, copy and pasted and saved as a pdf. The file with 16 keychains is 2.3 MB so I’m not sure how many you had that gave you a file of 30 mb.
key1.pdf (2.2 MB)

This opens in my Glowforge interface.


Keep in mind that if the pieces are a half millimeter apart that is sufficient. I have often done that to squeeze everything into the printable area. Having squeezed everything to the need if you make each horizontal row of images a single image it will engrave much faster. Doing so on the vertical provides no advantage.


Thank you - i’m not sure why it seems to be saving so big on Ai. Thats perfect - i can duplicate and make more. I was thinking about inkscape but since the youngest has me subscribed to adobe I thought i should try use it :slight_smile:
Thanks again this is a big help :slight_smile:



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Thanks - I will remember this :slight_smile: First time making something myself for the GF so it a uphill learning curve :slight_smile:



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