Can I cut cardboard with my pro

Can I cut cardboard with my pro, I love working with the proofgrade materials but it would be nice to run tests on cardboard. I will mostly be making cut out shapes, no engraving.


Welcome to the community. Yes…you can cut cardboard. Many of us do it often. It is also listed in the dropdown menu of materials in two different thicknesses. Just type the word cardboard into the space and it should pop up.


Just a quick caution—cardboard is obviously very combustible, especially corrugated cardboard. The multiple layers can make it more risky to cut than plain chipboard. So be sure to keep an eye on your job as it is cutting. I will often have a wet rag on hand to be ready to toss on the cardboard piece if it should catch on fire.


The PG settings work great on the stuff that Amazon uses. Be careful to look for single wall stuff, rather than double. You can cut double but that fire risk that @cynd11 mentioned goes up so I find it easier to not use.


You could also you chipboard. think of it as the “cardboard” at the back of a tablet.

or you can buy sheets of the stuff at various places. I used it to make the fixtures for engraving shot glasses.

also I prototype stuff with it. and when done, it goes into teh fire pit when the pieces are too small to reuse :slight_smile:




A great place to procure free chipboard (not much thicker than a cereal box) is from Costco. They use it on pallets between the layers of paper towels. They’re really nice about letting you take as much as you need. Its in pallet-sized sheets, so you’ll have to cut it down to fit your forge.


This is an awesome little bit of trivia. Thanks for sharing this.

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