Can I cut out an image I already engraved?

I’ve tried searching, haven’t found my exact issue but maybe i haven’t looked hard enough. I’ve tried tracing and the GUI just brings up a giant white box instead of an actual picture of the GF bed (shows fine if not actively trying to trace). Anyways, long story short I bought my glowforge right before the pandemic. I made a few hundred ear savers and engraved a pizza stone for my mother, but since I’ve purchased it, it has just sat unused. Last month my wife’s nephew passed away and I decided I’d try to make their immediate family X-Mas ornaments using individual pictures of each family member with their brother/son. I’ve spent the better part of 2 days teaching myself to photoshop basics, change to B&W, remove backgrounds, place a heart shape and delete the rest. Then I wasted almost 2 whole sheets of proofgrade draftboard (all i can find right now besides acrylic) , testing different settings and contrasts and differences between 3d and draft and HD and whatever other engraving options GF gave me to try. I’m quite pleased with the most recent attempts, so I’d really like to use the GF to cut around the heart shape so that when i buy and try new materials and settings, if it gets no better or I run out of time, I can at least use these. I’d really rather not try to cut and shape them by hand if possible. Is there a way I can now cut the 4 good heart shaped engravings out, now that they are already engraved and “finished”? Or do I have to start all over, buy and wait for more PG materials, then figure out how to make these heart oulines cut instead of engrave and redo all four on another piece of material? Thanks in advance

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Do you mean that you need a heart shape for a cut line?

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Yes, you can cut out the engraved images.

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Assuming you have already moved the boards since they were engraved, your best bet is to position each engraving directly under the lid camera and manually position the heart vector cutline over that one engraving (alignment is usually most accurate in that spot). Do the cut, then move the next engraving under the camera, align the cut, and so on.

If you haven’t moved the board, you can position the vector cutlines around your engravings on-screen (ignore the actual engraving on your boards—use the images on screen for alignment). Then cut them all in one go.


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