Can I cut through 2 layers of material stuck together safely?

Using double sided adhesive, I want to glue non-shed glitter card stock or mirrored cardstock to 3mm draftboard, and then cut it. Has this been done before and if so, what would the settings be please? Would I cut with the glitter side in contact with the crumb tray? Would I need to mask the glitter side?
Or if I need to test/experiment with settings, what settings should I begin with? Thank you x

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Yes, many times. I did a series of mandalas with cardstock glued to wood, then cut. Here’s one:

Others here:

As for masking and the rest that’s going to require some testing. Masking rough surfaces like glitter can be tough, so it will depend a bit on your specific situation. My favorite testing method is laid out here in #6:

Good luck, I hope you post pics of how it ends up :slight_smile: