Can I damage my GF while experimenting with its settings?

I am at the point in using my GF where I want to start using materials other then PG materials and I am really looking forward to trying my hand at cutting veneers for instance. I can find some settings people suggest for that on the forum, what I cannot find however is an answer to the following question:

Can I damage my GF with incorrect settings?

I ask this as veneer is quite thin, and some veneers do have small holes in them, so theoretically the laser might hit the tray unobstructed and I cannot find anywhere if this is a problem or not. I just really want to make sure that I do not damage my GF while having fun with the sliders and the veneers.

I always start with Proofgrade material that is similar. The Proofgrade settings for veneer, for example, are a good place to start for any veneers. It will not hurt your Glowforge to have the laser beam hit the honeycomb tray.


The tray will be fine, it’s metal - the only real problem this would cause is flashback on your workpiece (burn marks from laser reflecting off the tray at point of contact with your material). It’s easy to mitigate with either masking or sacrificial copy paper under your material if it bothers you.


Thank you for clarifying this! Looking forward to cutting a few test pieces today. :slight_smile:

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