Can I engrave a lacrosse ball?

I’m a new Glowforge Pro owner, and I would like to surprise my husband, who bought it for me by engraving the lacrosse balls he uses as a physical therapist with his logo. Does anyone know if this can be done??


If it is less than 2" diameter, then yes.


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What size are the balls and what are they made of?

Since you are a new owner, I will offer this word of warning - don’t cut or engrave anything unless you are certain it is laser safe. Vinyl is not laser safe and will ruin the machine. Other materials may not be hazardous, but still shouldn’t be exposed to the laser beam.

Take the time to learn how your machine works before jumping to personalize spherical items.


Lacrosse balls are at least 2.5 inches in diameter. The max height you can put into a GF is 2 inches so not possible.



You could make a template in the Glowforge and then place it on the ball and paint it, if that is something you’d like to try. :slight_smile:

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