Can i engrave the opposite of what is shown?

i found a design i like but i would like to engrave the opposite of what is shown.
is there a setting i can change to do this?

Are you using any type of vector software? Illustrator, Inkscape, Silhouette Design Studio Business Edition?

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If you have premium I believe there is a flip button off to the right when you have the image selected. If you don’t have premium you will need to invert the design in your design program then save and upload to glowforge UI


You can also open the “ruler” and flip it by dragging one of the sizing handles all the way left or right until it flips… Then go to the ruler and put in the correct size. It will remain flipped and be the same size as before.

I think they were talking about doing a negative engrave, rather than flipping the design.

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ohhhhhh. Well… I was going off the last reply that indicated flipping it. :smiley: It’s morning. I’m not fully awake.


I don’t recall there being a way to do a negative engrave in the UI even with premium. Do you? There might be and I just haven’t used it.

No I think you are correct. There is no way even with premium to do a negative engrave that I am aware of.

EDIT: Stamp function in premium appears to do it.

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The Stamp Maker feature included with Premium does exactly that…


If you have premium, would the stamp option accomplish this?


If you use GIMP, you can select COLORS from the menu, then select INVERT. That will give you a negative image.

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I’ve done it with the stamp maker in the past:-) If you use PS, you can invert, and i believe there’s the option in Inkscape. Do a search on inverting an image…

I was thinking it was something about a stamp but I wasn’t feeling confident enough in my memory!! LOL And I’ve been busy with work (that job that supports my family darn it LOLOL) so I couldn’t look.

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