Can I engrave this type of metal?

I’m still researching to determine what kind of metal I can engrave. Does this type of metal seem like something that might be engravable?

If that is not anodized aluminum, then you might be able to mark (not engrave) it using Cermark or something similar. A forum search on “Cermark” should find what you need.

The GF (and all 40-45W CO2 lasers) cannot engrave metal (as in cutting deeply into it). It can mark metal (which is called engraving in the laser world) using something like the Ceremark that @cynd11 mentions (also check this out: Both Mustard & Straight Vinegar INDEED etch stainless..perfectly! See ya Ceramark)

It will also happily remove the coating on coated metal giving you a lovely engrave like @geek2nurse pointed out

If you really really want to full on etch metal - then the GF can help: Who says you can't etch / engrave metal with the GF? I just did! Well, sort of, lol


I’ve accidentally cut through aluminum foil that was supposed to be keeping small items from falling through the crumb tray. It wasn’t very pretty OR consistent, though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That is clear anodized aluminum. As noted on many topics here the laser does not engrave aluminum, it burns away the dye. This means that clear anodized aluminum cannot be marked without a media like Cermark.
I have one of those drives and the case is definitely aluminum.

Hmmm. I engraved some anodized aluminum tags. Not only did the laser burn away the coloring, but it left a distinctly different surface texture. Sparkly. The aluminum was lightly polished before anodization. What’s left behind after engraving suggests it’d be as visible if the anodization had been clear.


Thanks everyone for the responses. Much appreciated. I’ll buy some Cermark to get the job done.