Can I hook up a rotary

Can I hook up a rotary rolleto engrave tumblers.

There is no provision for one but that’s not saying it is impossible. Most tumblers will exceed the maximum depth of the unit anyway.


AHHH this is my next ‘Project’ and one I am very interested in.
I did look on open glowforge, and there are spots on the motherboard for
x-axis and y-axis controllers, and I am sure some hardware hacker can steal
the necessary pairs 1-1 and 2-2 to allow for any other third party rotary to work.

I also am looking into just setting up a stepper motor with an arduino and time
the roller with the glowforge laser, but I think this really wont work, because
every object has a different timing… . . not sure yet

As said above, the Glowforge is so shallow most rotaries won’t even fit
so this now has become VERY NICHE


Not without a lot of modifying your GF.


And, in the end… It’s not a guarantee that everything will work. It takes a great deal of time and effort to get this right and you could damage your machine in the process. In any event you’ll be voiding your warranty and probably in the event that something does go wrong Glowforge won’t work on your modified machine.

While it might be fun as a hobby to try to do it, it’s definitely not the practical way to go about getting a machine that’s capable of rotary engraving. There are laser cutters out there that handle rotary and adjustable Z as part of their design, if I really needed to do rotary work I would simply buy one of those to get it done or farm it out.

I saw a rotary enabled adjustable z machine with a 60watt laser for under 4K USD. It’s hard to argue with that.

Now whether or not this machine is perpetually sold out is another question, but it just shows there are options out there.


Well, you know for me, its the ‘fun / challenge’ factor, but it’s very niche…

There’s a design for one here:


From my own experience with them… they come and go pretty quick. Perpetually sold out around christmas time might be true but perhaps not at other times of the year.

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