Rotary Engraving a Yoyo on my Glowforge

I did not notice any issue with the fan being blocked, but to be safe, I think I will cut down the back wall a bit more to improve the airflow. I made it high for structural reasons, and most of my stuff was engraving larger items where it did not obstruct airflow. I think it will be fine though if I cut it down and extra 1/4 inch. which should allow good airflow even for the pens.

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Here is a pen I engraved using Taylor’s latest jig.


Thank you.

That turned out great!

Thank you and thanks to Taylor for developing the rotary jig we all have been waiting for.


Here is the latest version, which can be used with or without the crumb tray. It also includes a variety of positioning guides and guide tabs.
If you find it useful, and would like to make a monetary contribution, you may do so via PayPal, using my email address: Thanks, and I would love to see what you make.


Your generosity is incredible, thank you.


What a great invention – and it “works as advertised”! I tweaked things just a bit and got tremendous results. The math for calculating W is spot on! And since the spice jar I was experimenting with was 1.725" in diameter I tweaked a pair of the positioning guides so W = 1.23434" because the medium draftboard I had on hand was .13" thick. Instead of taping down three layers of masking tape sticky side down, I used one layer of duct tape, sticky side down, and followed up with one layer of masking tape in the center of the spice jar’s travel path sticky side up, taped down tightly (see pic). I also circled the butt end of the jar with masking tape upon which I used “Set focus” to eliminate potential focusing errors on clear glass. I applied dishwashing liquid to the glass before engraving (and used settings posted elsewhere in the Community). I taped down the positioning guides because when preparing to engrave (scan, focus, et cetera) the Glowforge jumped all over the place and I didn’t want the jar to jump off track. When the actual print/engrave commenced it was textbook classic (see video for the results). As we old Coasties say “Bravo Zulu” to Taylor!


Awesome! Thanks for sharing your results!


That “turned” out really well. Would love to see a video of it being engraved, if you’re going to engrave more.


That’s fabulous!

Also LOL because that the pepper isn’t ground!


I’m blaming this guy…


What thickness of wood should this be made from?

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I used medium draft board. I think that’s 3mm thick.

Taylor - Amazing design! I would like to try your idea. However I cannot get the image to download. I am happy to send a donation for this genius idea.

Thank you for sharing!

If this helps - this is what you’re looking to do.
Click the Save As, then select SVG


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Thank you Deidre,
I usually have no problems downloading or saving a file but I am using a MAC and can’t get the image to respond at all.

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I just tried to download the pegboard tack posted on another discussion and I can’t get it either :thinking:

You right click the file (usually looks like a line drawing) and select “Save Image As” as an svg to yur computeer.

Are you using Edge? It doesn’t work with Edge.