Can I make a groove?

That was the original topic, but it looks like community wisdom is that it isn’t worth wasting the laser time to do it.

you wont know til you try it! maybe @Kusmeroglu can try it out for us :wink:

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I had $100 worth of Menards gift cents from Christmas. Had the 15% off paper bag to fill. Got a filled the bag with clamps of all sorts and lengths. Four 12" lightweight. Nothing beats the 3/4" pipe clamps tough, although the screw handle isn’t always easy helpful in positioning. The other day I had all 26 clamps that I own tied up in gluing the bandsaw wheels together. Can’t have enough clamps.

And back to the original topic: my kitchen match box holder might end up with some rabbets cut in them. So it will be one of the first things I try.

I’ll add it to the hopper. :wink: Is acrylic ok, or would you prefer wood? I don’t know much about how to attach wood together in a nice box… maybe I can get @madebynick to help me figure something out.

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So i stayed up coding all night last night and havent slept, and thought oh man, she might cut some stuff for us. Then I thought oooh, I wonder if I sent her things, if she would engrave them, then id have some awesome engraved stuff. Then I remembered Im getting a laser cutter. Im going to bed lol

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Haha… get some sleep!

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@takitus @Kusmeroglu

I had been specifically thinking about a groove box all day long that I want to make in acrylic. If you can wait til saturday night i will have a file made for the groove box.



Can’t we laser our own clamps ? :slight_smile:


I’ve made the groove box in inkscape. I have it in a an svg file. @Kusmeroglu, would you try it out on some quarter inch acrylic?

I’ve made boxes with sliding grooves before - there’s two options. The approach I used is to cut rails separately, then slot them in using tabs or shallow engravings so they’re the right distance apart. Both worked fine to make a really cool sliding puzzle box. (I bought the plans and they’re not a license that allows sharing, so I won’t post them here).

A different approach, and what I think you’re talking about, is to engrave the slot. THe depth will vary with the growth rings as @B_and_D_T says. You can engrave extra-deep but you’ll get a little slop. This may work for some approaches but won’t be as precise as the first one.


Mini rabbet plane is in the hopper! And this thread needs music:


don’t shake your Forge thing, shake your Forge thing yeah yeah (glass tube people) lol

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looks like you have a grip on things

Follow up here, I threw together a box last night to test this finally (forever later, sorry about the wait). I used acylic, and just modified a plan from to something that had a groove and a flat edged top instead. @Sawa was super awesome and sent me some plans, but I realized that I wanted the box a specific size for some Heroes of the Aturi Cluster pieces that I made so I ginned up my own thing really quickly. Engrave groove works like a charm. In fact, the whole box has the perfect amount of kerf and fits together tightly enough that I don’t need to glue it, which really impressed me.


Thank you for that cool example! Nice!

Thanks for posting this and giving us a sense of the work flow.

I’ve been wondering about that, how they will all work out, especially as a rabbet (rebate in GB) that will take the edge of another piece for glueing.

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Great to know that it works! Thanks for showing us.

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