Can I score a line that was engraved after the design has been run?

I made a thing and accidentally engraved something that I wanted to score. Can I score that one line again after the design has been run once?

If the line is compatible with scoring, and you have moved nothing, you should be able to convert to score and run it again. Unless the head is moved, the material is moved, or the design is moved, positioning should be pretty close to universally exact.


Yup, as @jason.fuller0 said, if you have not moved it and it is cut/score compatible. (vector)

Thank you! You guys are FAST on here. Thank you so much.

I have not moved anything. But, how do I dictate that I only want the one line to be scored and nothing else?

Oh! I see how only do the one line: “ignore” the other vector elements.

The thing is that I haven’t moved anything, but the image inside the glowforge is not lined up with where the design is on the glass. Does that mean my camera needs to be recalibrated to line up somehow? And, the maple warped a bit, so… there’s that too.

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Don’t worry about the image if nothing has been moved. If it is score compatible, there should be ‘Convert to Score’ outside the engrave options. It would have to be a vector line to be convertible.


I’m glad you resolved it! Thanks @jason.fuller0. I’m going to close this thread - if you have other questions, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for asking about this!