Can I transfer my glowforge designs over to my longmill CNC machine?!

Is it possible to save my files from glowforge and use them in a cnc program!?

Basically my lasers light bulb is getting super dull and I’m Canadian so fixing it is super tricky anyways… I cut very thin plywood and it’s not doing the trick anymore so I wanted to up the thickness and my laser won’t cut through it so I was hoping I could just cut my designs on the cnc instead.

Like 1/4 inch double sanded plywood is what I want to use for the backings of these shelves I make and just want to transfer over my already made designs. Super flat doesn’t need to be cut deep etc.

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If you’re referring to files that you designed yourself, you can certainly do whatever you wish with them. Did you create them with a design app on your computer? If so, you should have them saved there already.

If you’re referring to designs from the Glowforge catalog, then no…you cannot download them


Also, you can export designs using this menu option:

That will only be available for designs you have created or uploaded. It’ll give you an SVG file. How to load that into and program your CNC software is beyond the scope of this forum, but it certainly should be possible.


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