Can it cut at angles?



So is the laser capable of cutting at an angle or is it just straight up and down? Also if your cutting a round surface like a goblet is there any way to have it turn the item as it cuts so you can have a design around the entire object?


No, and no.
although it’s only a matter of time before people work out hacks for both of these ( if some of the pre-prod folks haven’t already).


Straight up and down.
(Although you could create a jig to hold the material at a slight angle to create an angled cut.)

(Several people are playing with adding something to do that, but the Glowforge does not have a rotary function.)


damn, that was close.:grin:


At this point and at release, only straight down.
For round objects, there is no fourth axis but there is the promise of continues focus for doing a section at a time. Mind you the Glowforge is not very deep so don’t look to engrave wine glasses or such.


Dang it! Beat me again! Chuckle! :wink:


We can only dream…


IN case you missed it for round there is this previous attempt that looks very successful:


I literally (read: “lit-truh-lee”) can not wait to see the different jigs people from this board invent for use with their GF as various needs arise… Can. Not. Wait.


That should be an on going thread. Getting jiggy with it.


Within the Z limitations, the hardest part about cutting at angles will be wrapping brain around sequence of cuts. (OK, maybe also lining up the ends of cuts at different angles.) If I were doing a tool for angled cuts in python/inskscape/openscad/whatever, I would want it to include a printout with instructions of which cuts to do with the piece/jig in what position.


And then there is the possibility of doing a chamfered edge (on acrylic at least) by running two cuts with the first being defocussed, per this Instructable. I don’t think I’ve seen this tried with the GF yet (guessing it’s not turned on in the software yet).


Slow poke. Ha


Looking at other systems I see angled cuts are becoming a real thing. Given the special automation, I can see how this would increase the difficulty of programming but even if the ability came first and the programming later, it would be a very big thing to build into the new production before mine is built :slight_smile:


We’re doing dovetails now with the engraves, but direct angled cutting would be a nice plus for V2. :grinning:


Don’t need to wait for V2… they can make an accessory head with two axis built in :slight_smile:


You bet it can cut angles! It can do anything. Shoot, I bet you could make a rocket ship and fly it to the MOON!


Add some magnets to the bottom of a Cubiio and plonk it in place of the head. Then need the OS firmware to be able to hack in software support for it.


No, not yet, :crying_cat_face: but it’s definitely coming :dog2: :+1: :cat2: . If you plan to engrave a lot of cups and mugs it’s probably a good idea to buy a second :glowforge: now, as the price might increase between now and whenever the multitude of rotating adapters are unleashed to the public by this amazing community. They will overcome the space limitations, hardware limitations, and software limitations in no time. Those are easy hurdles to overcome, just look at all the successful photo-engraves they’ve managed to print so far!


Yeah I dont think Cublio’s gonna work at all… much less actually cut through any material.