Can not cut through

I have tried and tried, and I thoroughly cleaned everything on my Glow forge pro. Nothing will cut through! What can I do to fix this? I’m using red oak and it is 1/4 inch. it is the bunny earring and necklace project. everything engraved again but wil not cut through!

Are you using proofgrade materials? 1/4 inch for me is hit and miss at times depending on the quality of the wood. You can try to cut it twice a bit faster, however, if it has glue voids, etc. it won’t cut through that.

So you have followed all of the official troubleshooting steps for this issue?

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The bunny earrings and necklace files are designed for 1/8" material (medium plywood).

The Glowforge has difficulty cutting many 1/4" materials depending on the type of filler used. There is no 1/4" proofgrade red oak material that I am aware of, so you are going to have to test extensively to find a setting that will work. Also, the material must be held flat to the honeycomb tray and all of your fans and optics must be clean.


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