Can Pro-Passthrough be resumed from the Glowforge being turned off?

Pro Passthrough is nifty (when it works), but occasionally it takes an extremely long time to cut a larger design. For reference, we use the Glowforge in our shop, which of course can’t be open 24/7, and there’s no way we’re leaving an active laser cutter unattended. I’d like to know if this works: if the Pro Passthrough won’t be completely finished by the time I or an employee needs to lock up and go home, then once a section of it is done, can the Glowforge be turned off, then turned back on the next day to resume the Passthrough from where it left off? If not, is this a functionality that it is possible for Glowforge to add later?

No. I don’t have a pro, but all the machines work the same as far as power goes. Once you shut it down, it has to go through all the rebooting processes again once its powered on…homing, calibrating, etc. It’s possible to ‘pause’ the cut…and apparently it can go for quite a long time in that mode, but that wouldn’t alleviate the issue of leaving it powered on and being unattended.
Support doesn’t monitor the forum, so I you’d like to make a suggestion for that function, you would need to send them an email, directly.


You can’t shut it off - but hitting the Go button pauses it. It’ll still be on, but not an “active laser cutter”. You can leave it paused overnight no problem.


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