Can someone help me weld items

New to the digital designing, i only have an ipad. I am struggling trying to weld letters and objects using my ipad. Can anyone suggest any apps? Can welding only be done on a computer program?


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Welcome to the community. I use Affinity Designer…many use Inkscape which is free…and there are other apps, as well…like Adobe Illustrator. Affinity Designer is really good and very low cost with no subscription fees. Check it out in the app store.
I don’t use my iPad for designing, but you can use yours if you find an app that suits you…and then you’ll be able to learn to weld.


I just decided to try Vectornator, a free iPad design tool.

I found it actually pretty nice, and quick and easy to make a demonstration for you:

I did this quick, so there’s no voiceover… but basically what you do is:

  1. Draw some text.
  2. Create outlines from the text
  3. Draw some shapes
  4. Use the Boolean path tools to combine the paths all together:

Hope that helps!


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