Can someone look at my ticket? - want to pay to get shipping label for repair

It has been determined that my glowforge needs to be shipped to California for repairs. I was informed that I need to pay for shipping and I would receive a shipping label. No one has told me how to pay for this shipping. I have responded daily since Friday that I want to expedite this process in my existing ticket. I have also opened another ticket 2 days ago to this effect.
Can someone please bump this email up the chain so I can get this repair process started.


Each time you post or send a new email (not a response) you open an additional ticket, each of which has to be viewed/verified/closed before they can actually respond to your issue - so first suggestion would be to hold off on opening any new tickets.

They only respond if they have something to say. If you are communicating by an initial email chain (the one when they said you’d need to pay) and you responded with a yes, they have most likely forwarded your request on to their accounting department in order to get an invoice created which will then be emailed to you. It’s not a fast process. Based on folks talking about it here you’re likely looking at a total of about 2 weeks to get shipping done (of which it sounds like you’re in the first week), and then another few weeks for actual repair - total of 6-8 weeks.

Your process is already started - it’s ongoing - but sending daily emails, even if they are responses, doesn’t do anything. It’s a (comparatively) tiny company, have patience. It sucks, I know, but it’s better for your blood pressure and theirs.


Hi @hjohnson! I am so sorry for the delay with the response to your email. I have followed up with you regarding this issue in our existing email thread, so I’m going to close this thread.