Can someone recommend a newb-friendly woodworking forum?

I don’t want to clutter up the GF forum with off-topic stuff… Can someone recommend a woodworking forum, ideally with good resources (and attitude) for novices?

I’m going to need help picking out some tools to complement my GF, and I also want to learn how to stain and seal some of my future projects. Getting tips on specific products and what grit of sandpaper I need and so on would be really helpful, because this is the extent of my woodworking experience: I have seen a tree.


I’d consider myself an advanced beginner or just crossing over into intermediate and I’d love a good answer to this.

I’ve sampled a lot of forums and this is far and away the most helpful out there. If it could be replicated for woodwork, cnc, and 3d printing that would be awesome.


Yes, and besides that, as another newb I’d love to get some tips too!


You’ve seen a tree too?!


I’ve seen a tree, also! Sorry … made me laugh! There certainly is a lot to learn. Have learned a lot here on the forum … but, know I’m light years away from having any knowledge!

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Not only seen them, but bumped into them! Not much else.


I am usually behind trees when pursuing my favorite sport … Golf! :glowforge::sunglasses:


You asked for forums, but unfortunately, I also don’t know of those, but there are a few YouTube channels I really like. Many also have useful websites with plans and Q&A:

Particularly for beginners:
Wood Working for Mere Mortals:

Also fun to watch with pointers and advice, but not necessarily for beginners:
Darbin Orvar:

Mattias Wandel:

Marius Hornberger:

My favorite is actually Steve Carmichael because of his cheerful disposition, but he doesn’t post very often:

Plus, another fellow Glowforge owner @iliketomakestuff:

There are many other great ones, but I’ve probably already gone past the useful number since you weren’t asking for YouTube channels.

Edit: I blame autocorrect.


I’ll take what I can get, thanks!

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Wow, thanks for those helpful resources!

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Thank you for the links! I’m off to check things out!

And with all that all said, the Everything Else category here works well. I have never found a forum like this that tolerates N00bs and stays helpful that is dedicated to woodworking and home shops.

Just beware that threads fork weirdly, wonderfully, annoyingly, or sometimes not at all anywhere between 10 and 20 posts. If it hasn’t forked in 20 it will be everybody not happy with an announcement most likely and I try not to read those anymore.


Now that you have seen a tree everything you need to know is in this book


I suggest you post in the Everything Else section of this forum, there are some incredibly knowledgeable people here who love to help and that way we all learn


A YouTube channel I watch, even though I am FAR from being a woodworker, has a premium forum that sounds like* it might actually be good. The channel is called “The Wood Whisperer” and the forum thing is…

Here’s the latest video ffom the channel…

I haven’t watched it yet, but my guess is that they’re going to cook a garden gate bridge.

*and if you can’t trust the people who stand to gain the most from people being suckered into joining, seriously, who can you trust?


I’d like to let everyone know that this afternoon I saw a couple more trees, so I think my studies are coming along well. Thanks again for all the links!

EDIT: There’s another one. They seem to be all over, honestly.


Not a forum but a decent intro :grin:



One fell in the forest the other day (nobody heard it…)

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Order of the Stick! :heart_eyes: Not something I thought I’d ever see in this forum. Hands down, my favorite web comic ever! So yeah, Durkon does not like trees.

I’m fairly certain I’ve posted the here before. Last time also Durkon vs trees but the one in town when he “saves” the towns folk from the sneaky things in the park.