Can someone walk me through all the setttings in "Thick walnut Plywood" ? I am trying to make my own cut sheet

So basically when I set “Thick Walnut Plywood” What does it set? In other words if I want to do the setting in a non-proof grade setting what would I do?

Thickness: ??
Power: Full
Speed: ??
Focus height: (not sure if this is set for each mtl?

Just looking for info, its useful for me when I get a new material I start with proofgrade, but I never can actually see what the settings for proofgrade actually are.

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If you click on the Glowforge operation when Proofgrade material is selected, you will see the actual setting which you can modify. You should use the set focus tool for every cut and your material height is taken care of. Have you worked through the Glowforge tutorials?


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