Can someone with a different laser buy Proofgrade materials?

Hi-- This isn’t actually a problem, but support or someone else here may be able to answer this question. A friend who has a different brand of laser was asking about where I buy materials-- I said I buy Proofgrade through Glowforge, primarily. Said I would check if non-Glowforge owners were able to as well? I tried searching on the forums but didn’t come up with anything-- apologies if that question was asked and answered and I didn’t see it. Anyone know?

From my laser experience pre-Glowforge, at my local maker space-- I thought the pickings were somewhat slim to find good, consistent, laser-able materials-- I could see that Glowforge might have quite a market beyond its own users to sell to, even though of course the QR code sticker is not of use. Amanda

You have to have a GF account. Your friend could get access if you add them as a “friend” in the GF app. That gives them access to your GF, too, of course, so it depends on how close friends you are. They still can’t do anything unless they’re next to your machine, but they can see the bed and what you’re making.


Thanks @ChristyM!

If you have more questions, please post a new thread!

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