Can someone with a working GF compare this with me?

Hi! I’m currently an unfortunate soul dealing with a pervasive and long lasting centering/focusing loop issue that hasn’t seen much improvement or change the past 3 days and is probably going to result in me pursuing serious repairs.

However that hasn’t stopped me from trying to diagnose, understand, or deal with this issue on my own as much as possible. So- if your Glowforge is currently working I would really appreciate if you could take a moment to compare something for me. When my GF arm does move to the center of the bed on startup (sometimes it moves here before stopping, sometimes it doesn’t move at all) it travels to this cener location and I just want to confirm with an operational user that where it is stopping is the standard centering location and it going to the incorrect center location isn’t a part of this issue. So I’m attaching two images of where the head stops. I know when it is working it normally does this and then proceeds onward quickly but for me it goes directly here stops the activity so just judge this on the first location basis if you care to take the time to compare this:

Hopefully these get the point across - sorry for being long winded here. You can see it stops what I would perceive as not perfectly centered beneath the camera, which may be totally normal which is why I’m curious about this!

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to crosscheck this with me. If and when I get this sorted out I would be happy to report the details of this issue and who knows, maybe help those experiencing it in the future.

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Completely normal for the head to pause slightly off of center, and then take a little jog over into correct position. (Been watching it do that for a couple of years now.) :slightly_smiling_face:


I can’t keep straight all the people in similar P&S reports. So in the small chance you didn’t know… The camera needs to clearly see the logo on top of the head for calibration. Your lid glass is extremely dirty, and that’s fine. As long as the camera lens and the logo are clean. No need to respond.

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Thanks for the confirmation.

I think it’s worth it to note for this issue that it begins to center but doesn’t proceed for some reason. I do want there to be some more public information about these kinds of operations so we could understand more what was going wrong!

(I know my glass is dirty- and even this is with some small effort expended to clean it up, in part knowing that cleaning the glass isn’t required for normal operation. I do take ample time to keep the cameras, lenses, moving parts, etc. clean.)

Yeah, was just adding the logo to the cleaning suggestion since it is rarely mentioned and occasionally needed.

I do appreciate it, at this point I’m willing to try just about any troubleshooting I can! I have major concern about the issue because it never updates the image of the bed in the app- it still shows an old image of cut material and hasn’t changed since then indicating IMO some major issue with the camera. Frustratingly in the middle of past 3 days of finagling with it I did manage to get it do one cutting job successfully but as soon as I opened it to put in another piece of material it went back to never updating the bed image or moving beyond scanning or centering. :frowning:

Don’t think the bed image updates until after the initial calibration process at power up is complete. Once that process is successful the image should update every time you close the lid and after a project is completed. Or if it is manually commanded in the app.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.