Can’t Fill Orders!

Hi On October 23rd, I sent an email that I my REPLACEMENT GLOWFORGE was not cutting through proofgrade material. Like my first one. Pictures were requested. I sent the pictures on the 25th. The 27th I sent an email asking if they received the pictures. On the 29th, I sent another email explaining everything. Now it’s been a week, and no response. I’m getting very frustrated as I’ve already made 3 payments on this and have hardly been able to use it, with all the issues and the shipping back and forth. Can someone please start communicating with me? We are in the holiday season now and I can’t fill my orders!

Oh no, I’m so sorry @twinsmom518.

We aim to provide prompt and helpful support. We failed to do that here, I apologize.

I’ve just responded to your email request as we’ll need some personal information to proceed to the next steps.

I’m going to leave this post open until I’ve heard back from you on the email request.

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