Can’t get support to answer emails

I gave my cousin my old glowforge and the lid is now broken. He has emailed support multiple times over the last two weeks and they have yet to answer him. He is getting very frustrated with the glowforge company. Can we please get some assistance?

Just so you know, you cannot connect with support here…we are just other users like yourself / your cousin. Emailing them is the only avenue for help. That being said…when you say broken…what exactly are you meaning…that the lid separated from the hinge or that it’s actually broken? If it’s the former problem, your cousin can do a search in this forum for many posts by others that have experienced that…and also find some ways in which they fixed the lid.


Support is unfortunately not speedy, but they do help you in my experience. Did your cousin at least get the auto reply? Because if you did not, some thing is amiss.


It’s also possible if you didn’t properly transfer your GF to your cousin, support won’t recognize him as the owner.


Oh…didn’t think of that. Good call.

Definitely ensure he got the immediate acknowledgement that the request was received, and that the previous owner received confirmation the machine was moved over to them.

Especially if they did not get the automated response, they should use the ticket request form, NOT email. It prompts for several pieces of information and makes things a lot easier (and faster) for them to respond.

I’ve had little dealing with support as I never had an issue in over 5 years, but I reported what I feel is a bug. I got the immediate automated confirmation, and a response from a tech the following morning. Although they have danced around the particular issue I reported (and did not need help with), the tech noticed my tube is failing (has been for some time) and has adjusted my machine twice to compensate when using Proofgrade settings.


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