Can the Basic version be upgraded to Pro at a later date

I am guessing that the laser could be with some issues but the pass-through, if what i am reading in other posts its really just a case mod/ replace case sort of thing, i am interested in the Pro but it doesn’t seem to cut or engrave any better than the basic (i am guessing its faster just not deeper) and the pass-through is something that i may only use once in a blue moon. So if i find myself needing the pro upgrade some ways down the track is this something that can be added on (i am supposing at twice the price of the current upgrade) at a later date


This is a great question!
I would also like to know if I can upgrade the tube/optics assembly later to the higher power version.
Are there power supply differences as well?


We don’t have any plans for a DIY upgrade at this point - we’ll likely investigate at some point, but it’s not something we know now.

I too would love to be able to upgrade my Glowforge in the future. I was reluctant to spend the money on the Pro until I could see what the Basic is really capable of. I’m eventually hoping to use this for light production work in my metalworking business. So an upgrade would be SUPER awesome. If the chassis stays the same why not be able to swap out the section that becomes the pass through slot and snap in new optics + laser? I’d even be happy to work on this for Glowforge if it means the potential for it to become real.

Thanks Steve! The key question is whether it’s safe for a user to swap out those parts, and whether the likelihood of a typical user damaging the machine is high enough that we can’t risk it. Unfortunately we can’t depend on everyone being as capable as folks like you. : )

Also just checking to be sure you aren’t buying something you’ll regret later - you’re aware that Glowforge can’t cut metal and that some metals require Cermark or similar spray to engrave, right?

I take your point that its not going to be easy to do but i would have to say that your market is that of makers and modders so you already know that someone will mod their machine, the best you can do is either offer a a diy upgrade or at least keep an eye out and say which mods are better than others or some sort of upgrade path post sale

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