Can the Glowforge cut Aluplast™ ACM?

It is a two aluminum sheets at .005" sandwiching a plastic 2 or 3 mm piece of a contrasting colcor. Would it only be good for engraving to the plastic layer, or is it possible to cut metal that thin?

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I don’t know but I’d sure like to know when you try. :smile:

I asked the forum about DiBond ACP/ACM have been told this: [quote=“Jack, post:12, topic:285”]
@jbv I highly doubt you will be able to cut the dibond aluminium board. I have made signage from it before and love the stuff for printing onto. Metals are notoriously tricky to work with with laser cutting both due to the density and the heatsink capabilities(you can even make heatsinks out of aluminum blocks), the heat disapates/spreads so quickly you cannot burn, melt or cut it without a very strong laser(you are a magnitude out unfortunately, ~400w not 40~) or plasma.
I would love to be able to cut ACM but it sounds like that may very well not be able to happen. (note: I would absolutely love to be proven wrong about this)
BUT if you order it in a colored version, I believe that you should be able to mark it. Whether that means discoloring/bleaching the colored surface or removing the color altogether to expose the raw aluminum surface remains to be seen. In any case, I would certainly remove the protective plastic film from both sides before trying anything!