Can we laser regular foam core?



You know…the paperboard with the foam in between two sheets?

Does it melt the interior badly?

I know @cynd11 did a shelf with it…right? Was that just the stuff you buy from an art store like Michael’s?

(Cause I’ve got an idea.)


From what I understand it is okay to cut, but the foam melts a little differently than the paper, so you get a little bit of concaveness on the cut edges.


Chuckle! Long as it won’t kill me or damage the machine…I’ve got some upstairs I can play with. :wink:



Let me be the first. It is amazing/beautiful/unbelievable. Great project!

I can’t wait to see it. :wink:


Yup, pretty safe bet with Jules.


Precisely, and I didn’t want to wait in line.


:slight_smile: That’s just cause I haven’t let you guys see the complete duds…that caning reed project for instance…Oy vey! What a waste of money and time. :smile:


Yep! It was this one:

Pre-Release | Marker Organizer

And indeed, you get a significant melting near the cut but otherwise it works great!


The woman knows the true secret to the perfect photograph. Is this love?

Seriously, we’re all human. Not all our projects go as planned, though we can learn more from failures sometimes than successes. The truth is, I expect your failures would be truly amazing projects and attempts, too.


Every potter smashes a lot of pottery. The question is how good is your best and it is pretty damn good.


has anyone tried gator board instead of foam core? it’s a lot more dense and stiff and holds up better than foamcore.


Not yet, but if the foam core doesn’t work I’ll try the gator board. :slight_smile:


I was wondering about using gator board too.


All of flite tests kits are made from laser cut foam board. You should be fine.


I used foam core to make my zer0 helmet. The foam inside melts back from the paper.