Can we put project metadata in a file?

Cool! So we don’t have every imaginable control, but certainly a lot of them. More than my Trotec gives, I think.

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Never used any other laser, so don’t know what’s standard for this kind of thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve got a boatload of controls on this one though - to use or not, depending on comfort level.
(Really didn’t take long to get comfortable with changing the settings though…maybe a week?)

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Yeah, my impression without knowing how it used to be: it’s all about the selection rectangle. (There’s also a weird thing where you can’t move something with an onscreen drag unless it’s larger than a critical size.)

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I can control operations by color with mine but can’t delete or move or resize them in the control software. So this is more than I’ve had before :grinning:

Once you figure out the nested & overlapping impact it all makes sense.

One trick that I find handy is breaking an object with a miniscule cut. A lot of times I want to do a final cut out of the project - like a square or circle. If I draw one that surrounds it then I can’t manipulate the internal objects individually if I need to (resize or move) even though I can specify different operations. What I do is draw the bounding box and then clip a tiny piece out of the box/circle. That stops it from being a bounding box as it’s an open object. But I can still make it a final cut and the tiny spot won’t stop it from freeing. It’s like leaving a tab to break it out afterwards.


I would think you could make the outer cut simply two pieces. That would keep it from being a closed shape, but would not leave any part uncut.

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You can do that too. In my engrave calibration template I actually have a U shape and a line. They do connect at the corners but it does treat them as two things that allow me to manipulate the inner items which is critical for how I run the engrave calibration.

You could assign them different settings or ignore them separately - but they will drag together if you try to move them.