Can we see pictures of the Glowforge units in the office?



A bunch of people requested to see the line of functional & nonfunctional Glowforge units I talked about in the post. They’ve since been rearranged many times - we have ~8 working units in the office, ~2 nonworking ones, and a large pile of unexciting boxes in the basement with broken Glowforge units inside.

Fortunately we had a photographer at the office today for unrelated purposes, so I asked him to grab a pic of every GF in the office and put them together in a pic I could share here.


Photoshopped… Not really just had to say it before someone else did.

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Now can we have a picture of all of them stacked on top of each other?
You know just in case you were taking pictures the same one in different places!
Also write a big number on each one that should be sufficient! Maybe also take a picture of all the forge’s with the serial number visible just in case…

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Somebody wanted a picture of more than one, so I grabbed a pic of the four that were closest to each other:

Pictures of GF Units

And there are at least 3 in this video from before. It would take a pretty fast person to run the first one over to the second location and pretty good editing to show those two right next to each other… :wink:


I’m gonna need to see serial numbers - mannequin challenge-style. :wink:


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LOL, I needed a laugh …

Let me just take it from the sublime to the ridiculous …

Yes, and get today’s newspaper in the shot too, and for a little bit more “proof of life” please have each unit record a short message telling us about the state of their health, how they are being treated and what they like the most, or least, about where they are right now. They could each read a different paragraph from today’s paper too.


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Is there any possibility that the cart pictured here is this one:

I’m wondering because it looks the same and I already have this one. :slight_smile:


Nice. Those look like ULine carts are they?


Now can we see them arranged in a circle? How about three 'Forges in a “Zee” (thats a Living Color Homie the Clown reference since nobody gets my humor)

And the winner for the 2016 Glownastics is…


Like wagon trains?? (Yes, I too watched John Wayne movies)