Can we switch to metric please

Can we switch to metric measurements for everything please. I don’t care how it’s handled under the hood but let us display and enter values in metric. The Standard English system needs to go the way of the Dodo. :sunglasses:


You’re not going to win that fight since it is an American company and a primarily American userbase, but I agree we should have metric support.

At the least, in any field where we type in a number, if you enter xyz mm it should auto-convert to inches when you hit enter or tab out. For a good example of how that works, just try it in Illustrator.


Yeah, don’t let it slow you down - I design everything in metric units. Only measurement we need to add is the material thickness in inches, and that’s easy enough off of a digital caliper. :slightly_smiling_face:


There are plenty of packages that support metric being designed and used by American companies. This is not an absurd request. I use almost all metric units in my designs, and it would be nice to have the conversion in the GFUI, along with numeric positioning. But, I can understand and appreciate the need to resolve other bugs, and get other completely missing features up and running first.


I’m American. I live in America, and I think English standard is utterly useless. I’m not even really complaining about the glow forge since there’s only material thickness. It’s a pain to have to keep track of two material thickness measurements for everything (one to make sure design fits together and one for focus) but whatever. I’m mostly groaning just to hear myself. It’s seriously time for the Imperial measuring system to be quietly throttled in a dark alley and buried in a shallow grave.


I disagree. It should be a very very very deep grave. And unmarked.


Yep, common sense would dictate a base 10 system. Here in 'Merica the tool companies loved that you need twosets of tools, while the liquor industry loved switching to metric for a smaller bottle at the same old price.

I am handicapped having lived 62 years under the imperial system. What’s it, like one other country that sticks to imperial?


I think it’s two.


I think it’s funny the imperial system is being called English standard but in England we, like sensible people, use metric.

And yes please, metric in the hopper?


Someone has to say it. There are two types of countries, those who use metric and those who have sent people to the moon.

I’ll slip out now. :smile:


Y’all would not like my household then, we use both fluently and mix them in weird and wonderful ways. Seriously, I use metric exclusively at work and I’m married to someone who grew up outside the USA.

We have conversations about last summer being over a 100F and how it’s 8C outside now, and how there are only a few ml left in the gallon of milk.

Having said that, I would be all for a mm thickness measurement. I greatly prefer to use mm when measurements are under an inch.


The Apollo Guidance Computer was programmed in SI units.


and not switching over to what the rest of the world uses has cost us a lot of money and time, more than once.

I really wish we’d switch over, but I don’t see that happening soon.


I deal with computers, hardware, software and technology all day. I do my designs in millimeters. But I escape to the most analog life I can (within reason, I’m not full blown caveman), pretty much whenever I can. The imperial system, and doing conversions, sometimes comforts me. I guess I just enjoy the quaintness.


yeah, like those metric “miles” in mph eh?

Not to mention weights like “stone” or times like “fortnights”.

Actually a Base 2 or 16 would be just as good for me - I’m a computer engineer by training :slight_smile: Heck, even Octal would be good.


Just with how thin the material is, I really, really wish we could have the option to switch to mm if we wanted. Especially with paper or very thin veneer, it starts to feel kind of bananas.

Actually, now that I think about it, it’s kind of bananas for life that an inch is the smallest unit. How did that even happen? We should have, like, a mini-inch. A minch.


Metric should at least be an option. So much of the maker “stuff” is metric.

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I have a degree in the sciences and so have no love for lame units.

I’m just observing that a request to convert the app to metric–not just support metric, but support it exclusively–seems counter to the wishes of many customers, and so unlikely to get traction.

And the World Series isn’t really the World Series either, but you know what, we will keep calling it that…


There are 26 minches in an inch. That would be the most logical number based on how the rest of the Imperial system works. Of course then they’d break those down into some weird fractions like 1/14th of a minch.