Can we use Silhouette or Circuit mats for paper in GF?

Can we use Silhouette or Circut mats for paper in GF? I have seen matts mentioned that are very expensive. The Circut mats are much cheaper. I was just wondering if these mats work as well and are free of PVC?

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No they are not good candidates for this…they are sliced up completely by the laser. Buy the laser one, it is designed to use with this.

(Or create your own with a sheet of flat scrap plywood and a can of Krylon Easy Tack #7020 Repositionable Spray Adhesive.)


Thanks. I will most likely go with the spray for now. But what is the name of the laser one?

Seklema. (They are worth it.)


Eh, mats are a drag. I say build a vacuum table or use a fan reducer :slight_smile:

In the time since I posted this originally the fan reducers have proven to be very effective and have caused zero issues. Strongly recommend them, but all warnings apply.


Good to know

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