Can you edit catalog file?


I purchased the Love me Knot Coasters design, and it has a space in the hearts to put initials…but I can’t figure out how to save the file in inkscape to personalize it. Is that possible and how is it done? Thank you!!

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Unfortunately there’s no way to download the catalog files. You can, however, add things to them. So you could create your initials in Inkscape and import them and place them on the coasters before cutting.


Ok, thank you!

Actually the opposite is true but I will probably get banned for saying this.


You’ve got my attention. That irregularity with the spring feather is really setting off my latent OCD pathologies. If I could fix it, I’d be a happier person!

The GFUI is javascript that runs in your browser, i.e. on your computer. Any files downloaded by your browser are cached, on your computer.

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Ahh, verrrry interesting. :thinking:

Glowforge takes property rights very seriously.

Since they can see everything we do on the machines, I’d give it some thought before following Palmer’s breadcrumbs.

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I just wanna fix the friggin feather. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ROFL! Try to overcome… :smile:


Then why even post it?

We don’t own the designs. We have a license to use the designs.

If you want to tear apart your own machine, or mod your own machine, or take part in doing that to someone else’s - go for it. It’s your machine. Telling people how to circumvent and download files they do not own oughta get you banned again, as far as I’m concerned.

It doesn’t actually involve circumventing anything. They are already downloaded to your machine. It is literally no different than the Glowforge logo you see at the top of the screen on this page.

Explaining to someone how their computer works is certainly not ban worthy, in my opinion.

And, while no one but Glowforge really knows the specific reason for the previous ban, it wasn’t likely because of educating users. It was most likely because he posted the actual file.


Just because the bank is left unlocked, per se, does that make it right to take what you want?

Probably a pretty good guess.

Seems like a nice double standard here; a lot of folks have griped about how slow GF was to release GPL-source code because if you’re using it, you should adhere to the terms of the license, right? But then, folks are awfully quick to do the opposite and “point others in a direction” assisting them in bypassing license terms.

While I assume no malicious intent for most of the folks here, I guarantee some will/are outright stealing the designs and going against the license terms. I’ve personally been asked for a file from a Glowforge user, and when declined, was told, that’s ok - “I’ll just use it anyways. What can you do about it?”


The bank isn’t unlocked. They posted their valuables through your letter box.

Yes the truth is too embarrassing for Glowforge, so needs to be censored.


They’ve actually done very little censoring, especially given that it’s a company-sponsored forum. If you don’t like it, go elsewhere. Simple.

Not at all what I was stating.

I was responding to your suggestion that people should be banned for stating simple facts - something I completely disagree with you on.

As for people violating license terms - I’m not suggesting anyone do such a thing, nor do I think it is proper to do so.

Stating my opinion that there is nothing wrong with the sharing of facts is not the same as endorsing the trashing of other’s intellectual property rights.

To the OP’s question: Can you edit a catalog file?
Yes, you can.
Should you? No.


Then leave it at that. That’s a simple answer to the question. When you predicate an answer with, “I’ll probably be banned for this” - it more than likely means you know you shouldn’t post what you’re fixing to post…


I have found it better to build one’s own from scratch, it will be slightly different and therefore yours, and not theirs.


I just assumed that it was meant to be edited because it said in the description that you can personalize it with your initials. But I did what geek2nurse suggested, no biggie.

Working on it. And mine won’t have an oval loop on one and a round one on the other. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: