Can you expand on the benefits of the Pro model?

The usefulness of the Pro model’s included air filter and pass through slots have been explained on your site. However, benefits of the Pro’s laser, optical and cooling systems upgrades aren’t really spelled out in terms of what they deliver.

For example, 5W more power doesn’t seem like very much of an upgrade (12.5% more power for 60% more cost). What does the Pro model’s upgraded laser and cooling specs mean in terms of “useability”: max cuttable material thickness, cutting times, duty cycle, etc?


It cuts about 20% faster, operates with a higher duty cycle (which depends on ambient temperature - but we haven’t fully characterized this yet), and of course has the passthrough. Max material thickness is similar.

Because of the upgrades, we also expect it to survive higher use patterns better - hence the longer warranty and encouragement for maker spaces not to use basic.

Hope this helps!


That’s exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks!

The air filter isn’t included.

Kind of true. And not. Yes the Pro unit and air filter unit are separate devices. To get the Pro without air filter you have to order the Basic without the Air Filter and then upgrade to the Pro without air filter. Which is what I did. The order page does not have the Pro without air filter as a direct purchase.

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Ah, I didn’t realise that!

To be honest, I wish I could afford the filter myself.