Can You?

Can you cut me a test piece if I send you guys an illustration?

They are probably a bit busy finishing the hardware design and software right now.

Unfortunately that’s correct - we can’t do any custom prints right now.

Maybe I should start my own tech blog or maybe go work at Tested! I’d be in the loop then…

You could also become a major investor such as:

Exactly! Then I’d get a print! I’m already $4,070 in, how much more will it take to have a test cut?

You’d probably have to add a few zeros to the end of that investment for a start.

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I think where your $4k gets you, is in a line with a few thousand other people. We all want to try out our ideas, but none of us are going to get the finished product any faster if they’re doing errands for every customer.

I’m guessing you’ll have better odds when the first batch hits maker spaces. At least it’ll be a longer list of people who might do you a favor.