Canadian Forgers?

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we just moved out of kw last year. i miss vincenzo’s. fortunately it’s just an hour away.

I just got a job in south Ottawa. So I’ll be up by you 4 in 2 weeks!

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I, too, feel the sting of Vinnie’s absence in my life - down here in California :wink: Sadly, it’s several thousand miles away, rather than just an hour - so you’ve got me beat there! It’s always nice to return for a visit though. Should be back up there in early June, then mid-July again … and possible even December for the holidays.

I’m one! But, I don’t live there anymore :cry: I am now in Montana. I was born in NS, and grew up on Vancouver Island, to which I miss horribly!! I saw on the map someone in Courtenay has one coming…are you lurking and reading this but not posting…?
Who are you?
C’mon, don’t be shy…show your beautiful face!! :smile: I probably don’t know you, but you never know!! I spent over 20 years of my life there!

Actually…funny story…

A few years back I was in Hawaii, and met a gal from Scotland…who when she found out I was from Canada, pulled one of those typical, “Oh, you’re from Canada, do you know so-and-so?” She said she had been there, and stayed with a family, on Vancouver Island…in Black Creek…which is not far from Courtenay…and…I actually knew them!! Hahaha! She had stayed with friends of mine!! So, me, from Canada, and her, from Scotland, in Hawaii, found each other, and had a common friend!

So, don’t ever roll your eyes when someone finds out you are from Canada, and proceeds to ask you if you know so-and-so, because they had visited Canada, once, and met some family, and you’re a Canadian, so you must know them too. You just might know them!! :grin:

I’m in Montreal too, ready to start a new company with the glowforge !
So many ideas to make :smiley:

I’ve already got my business name registered, logo designed and business cards ordered! Throwing a few of the things I already make up for sale along with all of my laser cut goods

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Haha you’re like us, impatient to get our Glowforge :smiley:

In fact, we also registered our name (Atelier Numéro 3), and I’m currently developing our website. We also have also social network done like faceboook. If anyone want like !
Logo is done too :slight_smile: -->

What do you think about it ?

We are currently searching for partners to get mdf panels and recycle scrap wood into new mdf panels… Have you found some ?

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I came across this website today for laserable materials:

While I am looking forward to seeing what the GF team can put together, I’m going into things assuming that it’s going to be too expensive to regularly ship to Canada, so I’m always on the lookout for native sources.


Great resource. Thank you!

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You know, I’m not inclined to want to “fork the forums”, but I’d really like to have a separate Canadian Glowforge forum that can help provide ongoing information like this.

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How about anything specifically related to Canada we throw [Canada] in the subject? That way we can compile a list of material suppliers and resources that work the best for us?

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That’s not a bad idea, but in reality I think that using the #canada tag would allow the Discourse forum software as much flexibility.

I’m not too familiar with the Discourse software but if #canada makes it easy I’d gladly throw that in any Canada specific topics I start

Agreed. I added it to the topic.

Unlike most social media, you don’t use hashtags. When you create a new topic (or edit an older one), there will be a space underneath for you to add your own tags.

Er, yes, what @jrnelson wrote. Sorry, was doing too many things at once.

In the link repository you can add links to suppliers, and just add a comment to say it is for Canadians. As a soon to be Ottawaian(Ottawanite, Ottawaster…?) I could use the suggestions.

Link repository

Suggestion form

lol… first suggestion: you’d be called an “Ottawan” :smiley:
But yes, those are good suggestions.

Meant for suppliers , but I’ll take those too

Looks like I’m the second person on Vancouver Island, I’ll be running a small home-based business called Brilliant Creations - VERY small to start with, as I have a day job AND a writing career both to tend to.

Good to find other Canadian folk here though - I do like the idea of a Canada-based resource repository to share info with others on the best places to source items. As well as Canada-specific topics. :slight_smile:

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I missed this thread when it first came up. I’m just outside of Ottawa (Carslbad Springs, ON).