Canadian Forgers?

I’m about 20 miles north of where polarbrainfreeze is located (Orleans part of Ottawa area).


Don’t you mean about 32.2 kilometers north? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Old habit die hard. :cry:

Interestingly enough, I prefer referencing in celsius for low temperatures and fahrenheit for high temperatures. As in it is currently 82F here at the cottage in the Gatineau. :smile:


Yeah, I’m the same way. I think it’s because my parents winter in Florida.

For cold temperatures, -10C sounds so much colder than 14F. The negative gives it this extra “oomph” of cold. Makes us sound tougher that we brave such temperatures.

I also don’t know my height in cm or my weight in kg. I still work in feet/inches and pounds for those.

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Aye, this is the problem of growing up around the time of the Imperial/Metric transition. I recall (although, barely) when I was a child and Canada switched.

I just try to remember “2.2lb in a kg” and “3.3ft to a meter”… and try coping with it from there.

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@jdodds @polarbrainfreeze just moved to Barrhaven. Maybe when the forges are up for delivery we can schedule a cross boarder pick up together. I have a pickup with 6 seats

Hey, no matter which scale you use: -40 is cold!



Unfortunately there’s not going to be any on-site pickups. I’ve asked Dan a few times as things have changed over time, and it’s pretty clear that they won’t allow people to do pickups. :disappointed:

I meant drive to NY state. Such as 1000 islands or whatever the cross over is.

Yeah, I used this site to get a US address.

It’s just an hour from Ottawa.

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I just added my pin to the map - sending greetings from Nelson BC - I am also looking forward to my glowforge arriving - hoping to do some cool stuff with topographic maps and ski resorts

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Calgarian here – it’s the painful part of looking at the banner, realizing the queue has blown past your day and being so close but still so far away…

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