Canadian Forgers?



I know there’s the Glowforge Map showing lots of people in Canada having GF’s, but it has had me wondering lately how many regular/semi-regulars are lurking in the forums. There’s a few people around my city, but it seems that by and large the hackerspaces around me most people only “know of” the 'forge. At some point I’d like to meet up and trade tips with others, but I’m wondering how far I’ll have to go… lol.

(…of course, depending whether anyone wanted to crawl out of their forge dens to see the light of day :slight_smile: )

Canadian Materials Suppliers

Winnipeger here!


I’m one of the 4 in the Ottawa area.


Halifax here! I thought I dropped a pin but the only one I see is in Fall River, just outside of Halifax. Either I accidentally placed the pin or there are 2 of us here.


Regrettably, I’m the one that lives in London.

@Dunfee, I love Halifax. My in-laws all live in Saint John and Halifax, and we end up touring the Maritimes a couple of times per year.


I’ve been all over Canada and it’s still the only place that feels like ‘home’ to me. The only thing that even came close was Victoria


I definitely want to move there someday. It’s not on the books now, thanks to my SO’s job, but it’s something I still look forward to.


Montreal is Heaven on Earth


We’ll have to disagree there. But I do like it!


Toronto here.


Kitchener/Waterloo for me.


Ah, my son lives in KW.


Waterloo, ON - however, I’m presently doing a tour of duty in Silicon Valley (so I get to take advantage of the US shipping cost :wink:


God, now I really feel alone, stuck in Edmonton and at least a province’s gap between me and @JeremyNielsen

I guess the good news is that I always wanted to take the train out east… haha


Damn, I wish I could do that. The extra 300USD in shipping is the main thing holding me back from throwing in a filter.


I’ll be back for a visit in July if you want me to throw it in a suitcase for you.


We’re in Calgary, at least the same province.


I’m not Canadian, but I love them. They’re talented and cool!


Typical battle of Alberta… :smiley:
"3 near Edmonton. 3 near Calgary. Who will win? WHO?!"


Haha, well you’re more than welcome out here when we have our glowforges!!! Haha