Canadians getting hosed - I am pretty livid

Just checking if anyone else had this…
I live in Canada.
My machine pooped the bed.
They said my new one under warranty would be ten days…its been 10 days.
Got a message saying its out for delivery.
Yup it is…in Texas. It got returned to sender.
Now I’m furious. As calling them I get a “we are swamped please email us” message, and my emails haven’t been responded to from yesterday.
I get it…give them 24hrs…

But someone screwed up. It went Texas to Colorado to Montana back to Colorado back to Texas and I’m UPSET.

Apparently this happened to another Canadian today. Whats up Glowforge??? (Picture added of someone else’s as of 15min ago)

I spent 8000 dollars, I’m losing business and my competition (as there are 4 others in my small city) is getting my orders now because I cannot do anything. I have 4000 dollars of product sitting in my home.

Kinda curious what phone number you used to get that “we’re swamped” answer.

is this a GF issue? or is it a shipping company that screwed up issue?


Well, considering it was sent from Glowforge, got to customs, then was sent back, I would say its on Glowforge.
It is the second machine today that was sent back from customs back to Glowforge that was supposed to cross into Canada.
Thats not a shipping issue, thats a Glowforge issue.
This is my warranty replacement machine, my first machine came across the border without incident.
I’ve paid $8000.00 to have this machine, and now my replacement isn’t coming across the border.
All shipments are through Fed Ex. This isn’t their first rodeo, there are thousands of machines in Canada.

The phone number is the one you get when you Google glowforge phone number.

Try it. I didn’t make it up.

ok, i was confused because you mentioned a bunch of states it went through, but didn’t mention anything about the canadian border or customs. you description looks like something getting run around by a shipping company (which i’ve had with large packages before).


also just got confirmation from FedEx that someone at glowforge in Texas signed for it when it was returned to them so they know its not here with me. But I have no contact from them.

Just posting here in Problems and Support opens a ticket. So I’m sure someone from support will reply to you here soon… ish. :slight_smile:

That would be good.
Someone from glowforge has received my machine from fed ex and signed for it.

They know my machine was returned to them.

I need someone to contact me and discuss because frankly I want my money back.

Mine and the other persons I posted both said the same thing. Unable to deliver, returning to sender.

I live 5 hours north of where it said unable to deliver in Montana.

It did not say sitting at customs.

I did get the notification that someone at glowforge in Texas signed for its return today. They have my machine.
I have no responses from them

Me too in Vermont, last Wednesday said I was getting a new one I. 10 day’s still no tracking # yet my friend who was told Sunday she was getting a new one received hers today and she did t send the def one back yet…,very unhappy

again, sorry if i misunderstood what you said, but you did say it was “the second machine today sent back from customs.”

Yeah they get right to the border, then sent back. Thats customs.
It typically would stay at customs till the paperwork cleared but all it said was unable to deliver and was sent back.
FedEx and glowforge have not gotten back to me on it.
I don’t know whats going on but I’m right not happy about it.

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Hehe, yeah, that comes across. Since this is the first time posting here - Welcome!

Just my speculation, but glowforge sent the machine, the shipping company transported it, and the border is where it hit a wall. For whatever reason, a mistake was made. Since as you said, there are a lot of glowforges up there, so I would think the company is versed in the proper paperwork, so it’s hard to say. That’s why we put that little piece of rubber on the end of a pencil.
Unfortunately, there is that unexpected downtime that hit you in the face. Sorry for your predicament.
The company will make sure you get a machine.


It could come down to an individual driver on that particular day.

I had a rather urgent package delivery screwed up last week. Two-day delivery had been paid for. The carrier said “delivery attempted” on Thursday, which was BS. No notice left, nobody came onto the property. It took 4 days (Monday) before a notice was finally delivered, stating that the package would have to be picked up.

“Sorry” is all the supervisor had to say. The cost of “2 day” delivery is inconsequential, that item had be be in-hand on Friday.

This has been happening for over 20 years.

Many times things go as they should. Many times they don’t. That’s what you get when you hand your goods over to people earning little over minimum wage.


I’m truly sorry for the delays you’ve experienced while waiting for your Glowforge to arrive. I’ve just sent you an email about this, so I’m going to close this topic.