Canadians supplier for laser marking mediums

I want to test metal marking but dont want to jump to expensive mediums like Cermark just yet. My preference is to go tried and proven but I cannot find Canadian sources of cheaper alternatives of Dry Moly Lube or Laser Bond that doesnt charge high shipping fee :sleepy:

Any Canadians out there have any source suggestions?

I’m trying to avoid the trial and error of Molybdenum Disulfide soap paste even though I can get the powder here.

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Did you check your local auto parts chain? Is Advance Auto or ORielly up there? I think I’ve seen it at Walmart too and it is available from Amazon.


This might be of interest…

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Any pics you can share?

Of what?..I’m not the original poster - and if you click on the post you’ll see many images…so not sure what you’re looking for

Sorry. I was reading the unread stuff. Didn’t follow it back.

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I’ll check the auto stores, thanks for the tip! Amazon Canada is super overpriced. Didn’t find in Walmart so far!

I did read that! I wanted use something that required less experimentation.

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I know Moly lube has been talked about extensively in the forum but I just stumbled on a “blog post” from Enduramark stating that it can produce sulfuric acid. I don’t recall this being discussed anywhere and it never occured to me. I’m no chemist so I can’t comment on the accuracy of the claims but it seems to me with the vast experience and knowledge of the varied members of this group, if it were really a problem it would have been brought up?
Sorry for hijacking the thread but it’s the first one I found on the subject that wasn’t “closed” and I could comment on.


Personally, I applaud your attempts at thread conservation. However, quite a few people only look at new threads unless it is one they’ve flagged as being of interest. So if you don’t get any replies besides mine, or no helpful ones, consider making a new thread.

Never heard of that company before your post but yes, it is correct. My guess would be that people aren’t using it enough yo notice the corrosive effects yet.