Canadians supplier for laser marking mediums


I want to test metal marking but dont want to jump to expensive mediums like Cermark just yet. My preference is to go tried and proven but I cannot find Canadian sources of cheaper alternatives of Dry Moly Lube or Laser Bond that doesnt charge high shipping fee :sleepy:

Any Canadians out there have any source suggestions?

I’m trying to avoid the trial and error of Molybdenum Disulfide soap paste even though I can get the powder here.

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Did you check your local auto parts chain? Is Advance Auto or ORielly up there? I think I’ve seen it at Walmart too and it is available from Amazon.


This might be of interest…

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Any pics you can share?


Of what?..I’m not the original poster - and if you click on the post you’ll see many images…so not sure what you’re looking for


Sorry. I was reading the unread stuff. Didn’t follow it back.

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I’ll check the auto stores, thanks for the tip! Amazon Canada is super overpriced. Didn’t find in Walmart so far!


I did read that! I wanted use something that required less experimentation.

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