Canal Plastics Acrylic Glitter Sheets Settings

Hi! I’m having a lot of trouble finding the correct settings to cut the canal plastic acrylic glitter sheets. Does anyone have find the correct settings? I have 160 speed on full, 3.0MM

Thank you so much!

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Which glitter are you using I have used the medium proofgrade settings without issue on any of the ones I’ve gotten but one :joy: but it’s a very different glitter pattern


We can’t discuss settings for non proofgrade materials anywhere but Beyond the Manual. I am moving this post over there. Also, I haven’t used this particular glitter acrylic, but others I have used were pretty close to Proofgrade settings for the cut.


It just purple glitter :thinking: I haven’t try in that setting, will try it and see if it works for me too!! Thank you!!

Here’s a good test routine.

I have used it. I set it on med blue acrylic. Cuts fine with that setting.

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