Candy Heart Cut Outs for Valentine's Day or Any Day


This is my first share and 2nd try to upload a file - hopefully it works this time. I made these as “fillers” to cut out of those awkward little scraps left over from acrylic projects. When I’m ready to cut a project, I just import this file and resize/drag the hearts to “empty spaces” that I would otherwise probably throw away.

I’m going to use these as vase fillers for wooden flowers. You could make them larger and add holes for key chains.




PS - Most of you already know, but cut the black outlines and engrave the red text and “catchlights”


So I’m guessing you’re wondering why your files are so small.

There are size parameters in your uploaded image tag, like this:


The key is The “339x500” part. If you look at yours the numbers will be really small. Just put a zero on the end of both of them and your image will be nice and big. So if yours says “50x30”, click the pencil edit icon, manually change it to “500x300” And re-save the post.

The upload always worked, the forum sometimes get confused about how large it should display your image.


Thanks, @evansd2 - I just thought the images weren’t uploading. I reloaded and it should work now :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing the file. I am always looking for ways to use the very last bit of material.


Thank you

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Awesome, thanks!

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Nice share - thank you!

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Fun, thank you.

Thanks for the share.

If you reverse your color scheme, use red for cut and black for engrave, the order of operations will be correct in the GFUI when you load he file (engrave first, cut last).



I like your “reflection” element.

thanks for sharing

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Nice idea

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Oh those are nice!

What’s funny is it’s still there in your first post - a tiny dot under your name :smiley:

“![CANDY HEARTS JJ|20x13](uplo…”

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Thank you very much for the info - I will do that next time!

@deirdrebeth That is funny. I need new glasses!!!

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@evansd2 - thanks! i like yours too. I searched for hearts before I made anything and yours didn’t come up - maybe I wasn’t looking in “made on a glowforge”.

i try to use every bit! making miniatures is great.

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Thank you! The “catchlights” are a nice touch!

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thank you