Cannot access support community

When a friend of mine logs in, he cannot get the the forum. Each time he clicks the Community link he has to click “LOGIN” and when he does that it sends him to

And he cannot log in. Why is this happening. I just logged in fine under my account on his computer.

Does your friend have a Glowforge, or a login on someone else’s?
Presuming yes, is he logging in with that email?

Specifically, that page will come up when you try to sign in with an email that is not associated with a machine. You can still browse the forums without signing in.

Yes he posted and replied to messages earlier. But now he cannot get to the forum as logged in. He can read posts but not post anything any more.

Is it possible that he is blocked from using the forum?

Ooh - that sounds like his email was somehow removed from GF’s system which means you’ll (he’ll) need to wait for a staff member - or stalk the support page for the Chat option to come up!

Can you get to/link to his userpage here on the forum? If that’s gone it’s not just a log in issue!

How do I link to his page?

Highly unlikely. GF does not delete owners accounts.

Every user has a page under: {user name}

Yours is:

I tried and it doesn’t come up.

Yeah, you’re gonna need to wait for a staffer - or he might send an email (or the aforementioned chat) to to figure it out.

Funny thing is his new Glowforge is broken. He can’t seem to get support and now he cannot even log into the community. Is this normal?

Is this him?

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Ah hah - it seems totally exists - is he sure sure he’s using the right email?

I think I just saw a post by him in Problems and Support. Can he not get in now?

That was 22hrs ago.

Yeah, I’m behind on my reading today.

No he cannot access the community other than to read it.

Yes that is him. He has been using the same email address since the beginning of time. In fact you’ll see posts from him (Lid Open Error) from a couple days ago. He can no longer log into the community.

When he gets to the page you mentioned the red arrow gets him here…

And if he wants the dashboard the red arrow points the way here…

I had that problem for a while a couple months ago.